Handcrafted Wine Glass in Houston, TX

Novelty Glassware in Houston, TX

At Bell Bottom Beverageware, we create classic and visually-stunning novelty glassware to compement or commemorate any occasion. Our selection of beverageware includes cocktail and wine glasses with table bells as the base and stem. Whether you are shopping for your own personal collection or for a gift for an upcoming wedding or event, we have the unique pieces that you and your loved ones will treasure for every occasion. Shop with us today to discover more on our beverageware.

An Innovative Glassware Design

Anyone can take a sip out of a plastic cup. However, your fine wines and high-class spirits deserve a special glass. Raise a toast to the stemware from Bell Bottom Beverageware.  Bell Bottoms Up!

Our crafters love to create and innovate. As a result, we have created one-of-a-kind, quality cocktail and wine glasses with table bells as the base and stem. These can be a statement piece for any occasion, including weddings and holidays. When you’re ready to give a toast, you can easily get the attention of everyone in the room with just a flick of a wrist.

Handcrafted Stemware

Don’t settle for less than the best for your beverages. Each of our pieces is handcrafted and includes a special table bell as the base and stem. This unique twist allows you to enjoy a beautiful look and feel while you have your favorite drinks at home or at a special event. Our bells are typically made from antique bronze, with either a patina, nickel-plated, or polished finish to serve as the base and stem for wine glasses, martini glasses, champagne flutes, daiquiri glasses, and more.

When you spend a high amount on an imported bottle of wine, you deserve the right glass. Wine connoisseurs already know that the shape of a glass can impact the scent and taste of the drink. Our glassware is shaped to allow beautiful textures to come through with every sip. Enjoy elegance with any beverage when you choose our innovative line of novelty glassware and stemware.

Shop for Novelty Glassware Today

Whether you are searching for the perfect glass for your own personal use or a new set for an upcoming celebration, let us thrill you with our stock and build-to-order options. Our pieces are available individually, in pairs, or as a four-piece set for your convenience.

While we are based out of Houston, TX, we are proud to present our products to wine and champagne lovers around the country. We offer nationwide shipping, and we take the time and care to package your items so that they arrive in one piece. For your convenience, we provide free shipping with the purchase of any four-piece set.

Seasonal Beverageware in Different Themes

Whether you're hearing wedding bells or Santa's sleigh bells, enjoy a celebratory toast with the themed stemware from our company. In addition to our beautiful pieces, we also feature special edition glasses in wedding and seasonal themes.

Our Logo

Celebrate your love of Bell Bottom Beverageware when you choose one of our unique glasses. We add a personal touch to each of our products so that you'll always know you're enjoying your favorite beverage in one of our pieces.

Our logo is delicately etched or engraved onto the stem or bowl of every glass for a signature, elegant look. While the half bell and vibration waves inconspicuously abbreviate the three B's of "Bell Bottom Beverageware," the overall and underlying message of our logo is to symbolize the fusion of fun with elegance. We introduce an entirely new and unique spin on stemware that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

While we are proud to display our logo on every glass, we understand that sometimes subtlety is best. If you are looking to enjoy our glassware at your wedding, anniversary, or other special occasion, we without question scale our logo down, making the event all about you, not us.  Please see our wedding bell offering tab for reference.

Contact us to purchase our selection of glassware for any occasion. We offer nationwide shipping of each of our pieces.

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